HBC Credit Card, HBC Rewards Points

HBC Credit Card - HBC Credit Cards Overview

HBC offers the full array of financial services and products, including personal and bank loans and credit cards. An hbc rewards card is one option to consider and comes with multiple benefits such as complimentary access, bonus points, a competitive interest rate, and others.

The Hbc Rewards Card and Benefits

Holders benefit from a low interest rate on cash advances and purchases. In addition to interest savings, the card also offers rewards points on purchases and more points for holders who become Rewards VIP and Rewards Plus members. Purchases made at participating retailers also earn more points. These include places such as Home Outfitters, Hudson's Bay, and others. There are special payment plans and flexible solutions to choose from. Customers are also offered access to promotions and exclusive savings and benefit from instant redemption. In addition to hbc credit card discount offers and points, customers enjoy the fact that there is no annual fee. The card also comes with an interest-free period of 21 days. There is no interest-free period for balance transfers and cash advances, meaning that interest charges begin to accrue the moment you make a cash advance. At Hbc credit card balance transfers are allowed, and some customers benefit from a low interest rate of 17 percent. The initial rate on cash advances and purchases is 29.9 percent.

When looking at hbc credit card review sites and other offers, consider factors such as rewards tiers and purchase visits, including multiple same-day purchases made in the same store.

Hbc Credit Card Discount Offers, Uses, and Conditions

Customers need to reach the minimum purchase amount to gain access to VIP benefits. credit cardThey are offered free shipping on purchases made online.

When looking at an hbc credit card review, consumers notice many benefits such as access to a toll-free service line, deluxe beauty samples and exclusive beauty offers, and access to promos and savings events. Other benefits include invitations to shopping nights, advance notices of sales, and more. Customers also benefit from 90-day returns on purchases made at Home Outfitters, Hudson's Bay, and other retailers. Catalogues and president's discounts are mailed to holders as well. When it comes to exclusive events, offers, and savings, the limit is up to 20 events a year. Rewards VIP members benefit from up to 28 events per year while Rewards Plus holders are limited to 24 events annually. Cardholders also get bonuses twice a year which are posted on their credit statements.

The card can be used to obtain cash loans and purchase goods and services. Cash advances are available from ATMs and financial institutions. Fines, person-to-person payments, bail bonds, and court costs are considered cash advances. The same holds for tax payments, in-bank and foreign currency transactions, and wire or electronic bank transfers. Traveller's and cashier's checks, money orders, and drafts are also cash advances. Note that your cash advance and credit limit can be reduced at any time. However, the customer's consent is required to increase the credit limit. Customers are charged balance transfer, cash advance, and purchase interest.

How to Apply for HBC Credit Card

The easiest way to apply is to visit the nearest Home Outfitters or Hudson's Bay. After filling in the hbc credit card application, your card will be mailed within a period of two weeks. Alternatively, you can apply by phone except if you are a resident of Quebec.

HBC Card Transaction Fees

When filling in the hbc credit card application, pay attention to the charges and transaction fees that apply. The card comes with cash advance, non-sufficient funds, and over limit fees. Customers also pay for transaction receipt copies and replacement statement copies. At hbc credit card balance transfer fees apply to each balance that is transferred. Foreign currency conversion fees also apply to cash advances and purchases made in a currency other than Canadian dollars. The charges are posted to the customer's account after making purchases. There is also a minimum payment that covers purchases, cash advances, balance transfers, monthly payments, fees, and charges. Special payment plans and fees are also covered.